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The Homelessness Reduction Task Force of NWF was launched in May, 2021 with the goal of maximizing Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties’ existing infrastructure of homeless resources. Utilizing a ‘collective impact model,’ seven subcommittees were formed to improve the streamlining of services and to expand access to care for those experiencing homelessness.  The Task Force consists of various sub-committees that branch out to accomplish and achieve specific goals within a certain areas of need within the Northwest Florida area.

Taskforce Sub-Committees Goals


  • Increase collaboration between agencies, developers, city/county governments, hospitals, and landlords to create a systematic process for affordable housing and workforce housing. 

  • Increase the number of affordable housing units via reformed zoning regulations and partnerships to include future developers, current developers, and landlords 

  • Maximize the use of existing federal and state housing assistance



  • Increase the number of community providers using HMIS

  • Re-launch the Sequential Intercept Mapping (SIM) process, which partners the court system, local law enforcement and service providers to develop strategic interventions that will result in diversion of individuals experiencing behavioral health and housing issues for better outcomes and reduction of recidivism

  • Work with United Way of West Florida/211, Achieve Healthy EscaRosa, the SIM team and community providers to support, bolster and promote 211 (particularly the online database) to cement it as our community’s premier resource guide and increase accessibility and use of it for the benefit of our community 




  • Launch PUSH – Pastors United to Stop Homelessness, engaging 10% or 60 faith-based organizations to mentor an individual or family and assist in increasing/accessing resources

  • Continue to support “Next Step Vehicles,” a program developed by the HRTF, whereby three local nonprofits accept donated automobiles to offer clients who are successfully working a case management plan and have the capacity to own a vehicle

  • With data collected in 2022-2023, the subcommittee will reach out to all 300 food programs in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties to collaborate and lessen duplication of services



  • The forum on January 26, 2024 that will educate business leaders from the Pensacola Chamber of Commerce, Downtown

  • Improvement Board, Pensacola Assoc. of Realtors, and NAIOP – Commercial Real Estate Developers Association about the several categories of homelessness and engage them to assist with the goals of the City of Pensacola, Escambia County Commission, and the Homelessness Reduction Task Force of NWF

  • Research the possibility of standing up a low barrier shelter, such as One Hopeful Place in Ft. Walton Beach, FL

  • Increase utilization of HMIS – Homelessness Management Information Services software by service providing agencies by 10%

  • Assist with the development of a public Community Engagement campaign that will offer volunteer opportunities for citizens and churches 

  • Working alongside the CoC, Opening Doors to enhance the coordinated entry system 

Task Force Sub-Committees
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