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In 2004, Pathways For Change (PFC) coordinated with the First Judicial Circuit to facilitate an 18-month mental health and addictions treatment program for individuals caught in the court system due to their destructive substance use. In 2012, PFC enhanced their vision, focusing on prevention, education, workforce development, counseling, family support, veteran and reintegration services at a one stop shop called, The Family Center. In 2014, PFC opened a sober living environment called the Clinton Cox Residence for graduates of their addictions program. In 2017, PFC moved that focus toward treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and housing for homeless female veterans in a partnership with the Veterans Administration. In addition to programs at the three PFC facilities, Bookman supervised a clinical social work and psychology intern program, giving graduate interns hands on experience in counseling, teaching of life skill classes and mentoring clients.

Our New Direction

PFC is currently pivoting from daily program operations to a broader vision, partnering with Opening Doors and assisting local agencies who are in the business of eliminating homelessness and panhandling in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties. Bookman will work directly with homeless service providers to create a cross section of operating and cooperative Memorandum’s of Understanding. Such agreements bridge communication gaps and streamlines the referral processes of each organization to another Continuum of Care member.

Homeless Reduction Task Force

The Homeless Reduction Task Force of NWF will increase public safety and strengthen the Northwest Florida community by reducing the number of individuals and families experiencing homelessness. 

This Task Force will be co-chaired by John Johnson Executive Director of Opening Doors NWFL, the Lead Agency for Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties Local Continuum of Care and Connie Bookman the Founder & CEO of Pathways For Change.  

Every January, Opening Doors, coordinates the Annual Point in Time (PIT) homeless census in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. The 2020 census revealed an increase in the unsheltered homeless, the goals of the task force are to achieve the following in the two counties in 2021:


Increase in shelter capacity for families and women


Increase in funding to providers of homeless services


Increase in utilization of mental health and treatment services


Increase in follow up case management services to newly housed


Increase in Permanent Affordable Housing beds (50 additional)


Reduction in “homeless hot zones”


Reduction in E.R visits by the homeless populations 


Reduction in court interaction by homeless persons


Opening Doors will continue hosting the monthly Continuum of Care meetings of local service providers, government representatives, and businesses. The monthly meetings will spotlight the task-force progress. Bookman and Johnson will develop and appoint eight subcommittees to inventory existing services and gaps in local services that the task force members can bridge. These subcommittees will each meet once a month, bringing ideas and insights to the entire task force leadership for discussion and action.  

The Pathways For Change Team

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Connie Bookman

Founder & CEO

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Christian Garabedian

Interim CFO

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John Burke

Aftercare & Re-Entry Director

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Brittany Austin

Admissions Specialist

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