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Our Story

Pathways for Change was founded in 2005 by Connie Bookman as a faith-based addiction treatment program for adults in Escambia County, Florida. This program continued to evolve into what is now known as the Men’s Residential Treatment Program and is one of four programs that encompass Pathways for Change as a whole. The MRT program has 100% employment upon graduation, more than doubles the success of the average basic incarceration rate, and only cost $11,000 per year for each court ordered client versus $26,000 per year for a regular jail sentence with saves tax payers over $1 million each year.

The success of the Men’s Residential Treatment Program led Bookman to expand Pathways for Change by opening The Family Center in 2012. The Family Center is a public facility located in an area of the community that needs it most. TFC is designed to offer a multitude of programs in six key concentrations; education, workforce development, counseling, reintegration services, family support services, and veteran services to all individuals and families who are in need.

The next step in PFC’s plan was to serve women. In 2017, the Women Veteran’s Treatment Program was born. This program focuses on the same concentrations as MRT and TFC and provides those services to women veterans undergoing addiction issues, mental health complications due to post-traumatic stress, poverty, and transitional homelessness.

The Professionally Aligned Therapeutic Health (PATH) Internship Program was founded in 2005 but given its name in 2019 under the direction of PFC’s Clinical Director and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Pathways for Change would not exist without volunteer master and bachelor counseling, social work, and psychology interns. They establish clinical systems and standards of care for all projects, programs, and initiatives within Pathways for Change, teach classes, provide counseling, case management services, and are practicing to become future clinicians in the community.    

Pathways for Change envisions healthy and unified communities free of drug addiction, poverty, and crime. PFC is dedicated to see these results by implementing programs that fulfill its mission of changing lives, reducing crime, and building futures. The objective is to continue to be an example, replicate best practices, and pave the way for communities to join the movement.