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Volunteer Opportunities- Pensacola, Florida

Another way you can get involved with Pathways For Change’s Mission is by an in kind donation. You might have a talent or skill PFC can use. Other in kind donations could include: Computers, Office Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, and Building Materials. Other services such as accounting, training, healthcare, education, and IT are also generous. 


In kind donation's are opportunities to volunteer time or assets to Pathways for Change. 

Volunteer Your Time

Pathways for Change needs the help of those who live in our community to change the community. Without our Volunteers we would not be able to accomplish our mission. We have the greatest volunteer team ever. If you would like to get involved with PFC by volunteering please email us or call.Here are some of our volunteer jobs.

Mentors: The best work you will ever do is mentoring. We need Mentors for our men’s program and adults and children at the Family Center.

Tutors: for our GED programs or for Middle School students at the Family Center.

Administrative: Answering the phone, Filing and helping with assessments and Volunteer tracking.

Grant Writing: If you are a grant writer and would like to donate your gifts.

Childcare: Watching the children of parents taking a class at our Family Center.

Instructors: For classes at our Men’s Program or at the Family Center.

Transportation: Help in transporting clients to events and appointments.

IT: Like to give your gifts and time in Information Technology.

Gardeners: We will have a Community Garden at the Family Center.

Collaborating With Your Local Church

We believe at Pathways For Change that the Hope of the World is the local Church. At PFC we work in the spirit of collaboration with all those who are trying to improve the lives of the people in our wonderful community. Your Church can help PFC accomplish our mission of Changing Lives, Reducing Crime, Building Futures. You ask how can we help? There are many ways and here are just a few. 

Ask us out to your Church to tell you all about what Pathways For Change does. Put us in your budget. A small donation goes a long way. Donate in kind services. Call us and we can talk. Donate your time. Volunteers. It takes lots of people and love to change a community.

Collaborating With Your Organization

Pathways For Change works in the spirit of collaboration. We continue to look for partnerships that will help us fulfill our Mission of Changing Lives, Reducing Crime, Building Futures. We believe that together we can impact our community more effectively. Give us a call @ 850-637-1429 or email @ info@pathwaysforchange.org.