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PFC Response to COVID-19

  • April 1, 2020
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1 April 2020


Pathways for Change’s Response to COVID-19

UPDATED 1 April 2020

The Pathways for Change team continues to pray for the world in the midst of COVID-19. At Pathways for Change, we take health and safety seriously. The wellness of our members, clients, donors, staff, interns, volunteers, partners, and supporters is our first priority.

Due to the current severity of COVID-19, we are closely monitoring public health resources and working vigorously with our partners to provide the most suitable solutions and opportunities for upcoming events and community-based involvement.

“Come Together While We’re Apart”

“Come Together While We’re Apart” is a Community Action Campaign by Pathways for Change, inspiring those in Pensacola and surrounding areas to “Come Together While We’re Apart,” by supporting each other on the socioeconomic impact of COVID-19. This proactive response includes but is not limited to: PFC’s COVID-19 Community Action Fund; Home Health and Sanitation Care Resources; organizing and planning local community initiatives; incorporating limited exposure and virtual remote options for all PFC Programs, services, meetings, and events; Reaching out to all Pathmakers, partners, and supporters to invite them to participate and join the movement; and leading by example by enacting Corporate Social Responsibility. #cometogetherwhilewereapart

The Family Center

Pathways for Change and George Stone Vocational School, our partner in education, are following the direction of our Governor regarding education-based facilities. The Family Center (TFC) is extending it's closed date until, at earliest, MAY 1 st , 2020 . TFC is still monitoring calls, emails, and referrals during regular business hours. TFC is the home to a multitude of program offered by Pathways for Change including the Professionally Aligned Therapeutic Health (PATH) Interns, Women Veteran’s Treatment, and The Family Center’s own program including PFC’s six Concentrations of; Education, Workforce Development, Counseling, Reintegration Services, Family Support Services, and Veteran Services.

Men’s Residential Treatment

Pathways for Change has begun implementing precautionary measures to limit physical exposure to staff, volunteers, interns, professionals, and inhabitants of the Men’s Residential Treatment Center. PFC is following the lead of Florida Department of Corrections as well as devising systematic procedures related specifically to PFC programming. This does include temporarily suspending in person visitation and decreasing the number of people allowed in the facility.

PATH Interns

Pathways for Change's Professionally Aligned Therapeutic Health (PATH) Internship Program is still operating under the supervision of our Clinical Director. The PATH Program has been revised to account for NO CONTACT and Social Distancing. They are providing services via telehealth to current clients and are developing ways to accommodate new clients. New outpatient clients are currently subject to the restrictions of The Family Center facility during this time. For new client counseling services, referrals, and questions; please call and/or email The Family Center at (850)637-1429 or [email protected]

Women Veterans Treatment

Pathways for Change has prayerfully decided to postpone the launch of new outpatient services at The Family Center. The Women Veterans Treatment Program is currently subject to the restrictions of the Family Center facility during this time. Please continue to monitor our website for updates about this program.


Pathways for Change is a partner and recipient of funds of HOGFEST hosted by Northeast Pensacola Sertoma at Pensacola Harley Davidson. HOGFEST has been rescheduled for SATURDAY, JUNE 13 th , 2020. Pathways for Change will continue to sell tickets for $100 as well as attend and volunteer for this event. The decision to attend HOGFEST is a personal decision based upon your current health and in consultation with medical professionals if appropriate.

POP! Heroes

Pathways for Change has decided to reschedule it's annual event, POP! Heroes (Partners of Pathways for Change, The Heroes of Our Community) at Perfect Plain and Garden & Grain to Wednesday , OCTOBER 28 th , 2020. We have faith the our community will have overcome both the health and socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19 by the time. We pray that you will be able to join us in celebrating this fall.

Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation

The Buglioni Patron Dinner hosted by Connie & Alan Bookman, Neal Nash, Victoria & Will Mullet, in partnership with Pathways for Change, Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation, and Chan Cox at Restaurant IRON on April 24th has been moved to Friday, AUGUST 21 st , 2020 .

For more details, support, tickets, sponsorships, contributions, getting involved or joining the "Come Together While We're Apart" Community Action initiative; please contact Pathways for Change’s Marketing Director, Kassie Wrobel at (918)313-5410 or [email protected]

Pathways for Change will continue to monitor this situation and share updated information and statements about any changes.

We are truly grateful for your support and patience during this difficult time in history.

Thank you for Changing Lives, Reducing Crime, & Building Futures!

With Gratitude,

Connie Bookman

Founder and CEO