The Family Center

Family Center

About the PFC Family Center

A global pandemic brings Pathways For Change full circle, returning solely to our original mission of 2005, breaking the cycle of addiction for men caught in the criminal justice system. We are excited about continuing our Therapeutic Community mode of treatment locally, and by 2021, virtually on a national basis. 

PFC will no longer be providing outpatient services at The Family Center. We are closing the doors on August 13, 2020. We will leave no Family Center client behind. We will continue counseling, case management and life skill classes via telehealth and will continue to coordinate referrals with our 20 partner agencies. 

Due to COVID-19, three of the largest Pathways For Change fundraisers, which account for 45% of our total income or $300,000 were cancelled or significantly downscaled. We choose to see this as a pathway for success, focusing on the treatment of escalating substance use and mental health concerns in our community and in our nation. Methamphetamine use is up approximately 130%, Fentanyl use is up approximately 146%, and alcohol abuse is up 55%. Even more disturbingly, the suicide hotline calls are up 900%.