Brunie Emmanuel

Director Men's Residential Treatment

Brunie Emmanuel is a Unifier with an MA in Counseling & Human Development. He has worked with individuals, couples, families, indigenous tribes, government bodies, leadership groups, faith-based organizations, & corporations in the US and abroad since the early 1970’s. Brunie draws on his outdoors orientation and spiritual roots to guide his work as he walks his personal path of peace. Brunie has trained in numerous areas of social psychology and organizational development, including alternative dispute resolution. He has studied with a number of indigenous healers, and has a deep interest in integrating Indigenous Healing Practices with Western Medicine. Brunie founded The UniVision Group and works with clients on organizational development, conflict resolution, planning, team building, etc. In the changing times of the early 21st century, he has a deep interest in consolidating the social service system in order to provide more comprehensive, coordinated services to the increasing number of people in need. Brunie co-founded and served in the role of Project Manager of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Committee on Treatment Benefits (COB) which evolved into C4 Recovery Solutions. In this context, Brunie is involved in numerous projects in the US and abroad. Brunie spent 4 years serving as Director of the EscaRosa Coalition on the Homeless, the HUD-designated Lead Agency for the 2 westernmost counties in Florida. In this role, Brunie’s community-building skills created collaborations that had not previously existed. 2011-2013, Brunie led a project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, regranting funds in 7 northwest Florida coastal counties building the resilience and long-term capability of service providers dealing with the 2004-2005 hurricanes, the economic crisis, and the Deep Water Oil Spill. These efforts were coordinated with similar activities in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. He also helped create a regional jobs initiative in those same areas. Brunie likewise served as a leader and advisor for regional research projects in those same affected areas of the Oil Spill and consequent economic recession. 2013-2014, Brunie worked with MANNA Food Pantries, a 2-county system of emergency food distribution and was able to learn the intricacies of managing the basic need for food with the multiple and often disparate sources of food. His goal after MANNA is to use those skills and experiences to continue his work of consolidating the social service system. Life Mission: Co-create Peace whenever and wherever possible.