Men’s Residential Treatment

The Men’s Residential Treatment (MRT) at Pathways for Change is a faith-based addictions treatment program for men who want to overcome destructive behaviors, attitudes and habits that prevent them from living a life free from crime and incarceration.

The program offers group meetings, therapy and classes that address substance abuse, criminal thinking, anger resolution and life skills. Clients also have access to high school, technical training and college courses.

Treatment occurs within a Therapeutic Community wherein clients begin building healthy relationships and support systems for their continued recovery after graduation.

Men’s Residential Treatment is a sentencing option for criminal offenders that judges, prosecutors, public defenders and private attorneys may select as an alternative to traditional sentencing. The program is well-respected for its 80% success rate among graduates who desist from future crime at much higher rates than those who serve a traditional jail or prison sentence.


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Men’s Residential Treatment Dormitory

Men's Residential Treatment