Clinton Cox Residence

Established by Pathways For Change, the Clinton Cox Residence is located at 1551 W Moreno St, Pensacola, Fl.

The Clinton Cox Residence is a sober home in Pensacola, FL that assists people in transition from treatment for drug and alcohol problems back into society. We understand In order to reduce recidivism from substance abuse, individuals must return to an environment that is conducive to recovery. The Clinton Cox  Residence is a twelve room, state-of-the-art facility where clients prepare themselves to transition from drug/alcohol dependency to reentry into society as productive members.”

The men who live at this facility have all the luxuries of home: their own bathroom, a fully operational kitchen, a common dining room, day room/media room, and laundry area. The residence also features two computers used for job search and personal business.

The Clinton Cox  Residence partners with our Family Center located less than a block away. There, clients can attend recovery meetings and get other services, such as vocational training; GED classes; individual counseling; ACCESS assistance and computer training.

Our Transitions Manager oversees the facility and provides case management; making sure residents have a plan for success and receive whatever supportive services needed once they are housed.

General requirements for residency are as follows:

1.       Must have a substantial amount of time alcohol and drug free

2.       Must be actively involved in a recovery program

3.       Must be gainfully employed

4.       Must have a sponsor or mentor

5.       Must have valid ID, Social Security Card, and Birth Certificate

6.       Must have proof of income

7.       Must not have a history of violence or any sexual offenses”

“The component that separates Pathways For Change’s transition house from other facilities is that we work one-on-one with each client, moving them from dependency to self-sufficiency.”


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