Tranassa's Story


I was lost without a sense of direction which caused me to become very angry, and take it out on those I loved, even myself. At The Family Center I received help through counseling for those issues which crippled me from obtaining stability. The Family Center helped to build me up by assisting me with different coping skills, and encouraging me that I can overcome any obstacle that life throws my way and that I am a WINNER. Through faith and determination I was able to move into my first apartment on December 15, 2013. The tools that were given to me through counseling helped me sustain that sense of confidence and gave me the energy to continue to fight and keep moving forward no matter what. On December 14, 2014 I graduated from Pensacola State College with an A.S. degree in Computer Science.  Today, I am employed at The Family Center as The Office Coordinator. I am grateful I was introduced to The Family Center because my life has been forever changed.”          -

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