Pathways for Change - The Family Center 

Pensacola’s anti poverty program at the Family Center of Pathways for Change (PFC) serves under privileged neighborhoods of those living at or below the property level. The Family Center is in walking distance from key under served neighborhoods and the program provides tutoring, counseling, training and other life skills. PFC rebuilds hope and maintains the dignity of program attendees who are working to get their GED or train for other employment opportunities. The Family Center has had a far-reaching, positive impact on residents living in Escambia County.


Pathways for Change - Mens Residential Treatment 

Pensacola’s Pathways for Change Men's Residential Treatment a successful drug recovery program, a sentencing option for criminal offenders as an alternative to traditional sentencing. The program boasts a 70% success rate and has saved Escambia County taxpayers more than 4 million dollars since its inception in 2006. The 18 month residential program is a therapeutic rehabilitation program aimed to provide lifelong recovery to all participants. In addition to recovery, program participants can get their GED and join vocational programs leading to sustainable recovery.


Pathways for Change - Transitions 

The Pathways for Change's Transitions program offers a sober home that assists people in transition from treatment for drug and alcohol problems back into society. By providing long-term stable housing and personalized, one-on-one counseling, the program helps ensure the success rate for participants, helps keep them off the streets and out of jail and provides work programs. The 12 room, state-of-the-art Clinton Cox Residence is a nurturing environment suited to keep program members away from the streets while they’re transitioning back as productive members of the community.