Your Church

We believe at Pathways For Change that the Hope of the World is the local Church. At PFC we work in the spirit of collaboration with all those who are trying to improve the lives of the people in our wonderful community. Your Church can help PFC accomplish our mission of Changing Lives, Reducing Crime, Building Futures. You ask how can we help? There are many ways and here are just a few. 

Ask us out to your Church to tell you all about what Pathways For Change does.

Put us in your budget. A small donation goes a long way.

Donate in kind services. Call us and we can talk.

Donate your time. Volunteers. It takes lots of people and love to change a community. 

Donations of furniture, equipment, clothes, toiletries and books are welcomed. Call us first. 

Partner with us. Perhaps your Church is looking for a local mission. 

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Call us 850-637-1429 or email.