Internship Opportunities

Bachelor and Master’s level Internships offer a variety of experience through our many programs including: Men’s Residential Treatment Program at the Work Release Center- interns provide clinical services for non-violent offenders that range from individual, family, marriage & group therapy, facilitation of addictions treatment curriculum, case management, assessments, etc.; The Family Center- interns conduct individual, couples, and family counseling, facilitate support groups (i.e. anger and stress management, etc.), teach job-readiness and computer skills courses, etc.; Women's Outpatient Treatment interns facilitate classes and groups; Clinton Cox Residence- A 12 unit Transitional sober home helping men with substance abuse problems transition back into society.

The Clinical Director and staff help each intern to create an individual internship plan that will help balance work, school & family (PFC operates from 7 in the morning to 10 at night).

Call Rachael Croley,LCSW, at 850-637-1429 or email at for more information.

Download an Internship Application.